It is the fist time that I will try this. What will happen? What can I expect?

Something that you expect that will happen!;-)

It's for me impossible to predict what will happen in our date, because each encounter is unique.

Believe me, I'll be pleased if also you have that same feeling. Because, it will always be an honor to meet each other again.

When are you available for a date?

Because I have also other obligations (my company),I prefer that you send me an e-mail for a date, some time before. 

Is it possible to contact me "last minute"?

You can always try it, but my appointment book is quite full. So it would be better to take contact with me earlier.

How can I pay you?

Payments are in cash and at the beginning of our date. If you will be so kind to pay me with the correct amount. So that we can concentrate us immediately on our date. When we meet each other in a public place, I would like that you hand over the envelop when we are alone.

Is my privacy really guaranteed?

Yes, always I can assure that!

Married women as well as a leading business woman. Even famous women belong to my selective clients. With my experience your privacy and identity will be 100% respected. As I said at the beginning in my site. Your discretion is my first priority!

The pictures on your site are they really from you?

Yes they are, all these pictures are very recently.

And I do my very best to keep them up to date. What you see is what you get!

Why are you pictures made unrecognizable?

My anonymity for most ladies extremely important. Especially with my company in public places. By me anonymity nobody does not know that the lady in question in the company of a gigolo.

What about safe sex?

ALWAYS!! If you don't have the same opinion about that subject, than I'm not the appropriate person for you.

You have a lot of changing contacts, it is safe then?

Nothing like my own health and do everything possible to ensure this and also that of my clients. As a gigolo I am quite aware of the possible risks, unlike many other men in everyday life taking it all fast and loose with safety and precautions.

Are there some rules that we have to respect?

I always expect that I'll be treated with respect! If you treat me with the same "respect" as you treat your partner than I can assure you that my service will be brilliant.

Is it possible that we can make a date as couple with you?

I'm very clear in this, I'm "heterosexual", but I can assure you that I haven't got a problem to be with a man together with his woman to spoil "her".

May I compensate you in exchange for sex?

My services aren't offered for prostitution!!! My fee will be for my company and the time that we will spend together. Everything what will happen on our date is a personal choice between two approving adults with a legal age.

What will happen, if I would like to cancel our date?

If that would happen, I ask you polite to contact me as soon as possible. I understand that this can happen but with a call from you I know that the date is canceled and if you like we can choose an other day and datum. If you don't call me, I'm afraid that I can't have another date with you in the future.

What if I won't be on time on our date?

That's also something that can happen, with a call or a SMS you can notify me.

Can I give you a present?

I don't expect this, but of course I always appreciate that.